Product Manager & Designer

Andric Tham

Making magic at the intersection of humans and computers ✨

Projects I’m proud of

National Gallery Singapore

User Research & UI Redesign

I led a month-long effort to study how visitors navigated and engaged with the museum, then ran usability studies to diagnose problems with the existing app. Armed with a deep understanding of how visitors thought about the museum experience, we approached our redesigned app as a digital companion to the physical museum space that was helpful, but not obtrusive.

PayPal Australia Navigation Overhaul

Remote User Research

To improve comprehension and conversion rates of users to PayPal’s Australia site, I ran a series of usability tests to identify problems with the site navigation and inner page content. The test let us rethink how information on the site should be organized to serve its two user groups: consumers who shop online, and businesses that use PayPal to accept payments.

Untitled Japanese FinTech Project 

User Interviews & Card Sorting

An unnamed client was launching an online platform that gave Japanese retail investors advanced tools to research the markets. I kicked off the product design effort with a week-long user research sprint in Tokyo.


Branding, UX & Development

I founded JUMPTHECUT as a way for filmmakers to better engage audiences online. We released two editions of our online short film festival—with a twist—the films are selected based on the viewer’s personality, determined by an algorithm that matches films with MBTI personality types. It was featured on VulcanPost.

Singapore International Jazz Festival 2016

Interaction Design & Front-End

Using Bootstrap and Jekyll, I designed, built, deployed, and maintained the website for the SingJazz 2016 festival throughout its four-month lifespan. View an archived version of the site here.

My Philosophy

I like to treat every user experience as a relationship between a person and a computer that needs to be nurtured.

Working with technology, what excites me the most is the superpower to unlock the abilities of technology for humans who can’t code, in a language they can understand.


I can help your product succeed with...


The big “R” word sounds scary. But it’s all about taking a reality check before it’s too late (and far too expensive). I believe continual research is key to designing products that actually gets the job done.


Design’s like making delicious cherry pies. You don’t put the cherry on top first. The experience (what users can do with your system) comes first, then the cherry on top – pretty icons and such.


Some might say writing is not design; it’s “just content”. But look how few designers write well! John Maeda agrees with me. I trained as a journalist in school, and I care a hell lot about how my words come across.


In a perfect world, computers can read our minds. But until then, code is the language of our medium. I’m not a supergenius AI math whiz, but I think of UI as a function of data. React and SCSS are indispensable to me.

“Andric is an extremely methodical and passionate product designer who likes to ask the right questions to discover the best solutions. His eye for design is sharpened by a deep understanding of how things are built, making him a natural advocate for users and developers. His ability to code an interactive prototype based on research insights he helped uncover makes him invaluable to any team. He is a natural design systems thinker who is always on top of the latest best practices, tools, and techniques.”

Andy Pratt
Creative Lead at Google