Andric Tham
Andric Tham

Andric Tham

Making magic at the intersection of humans and computers ✨

I’m a Software Product Manager and User Experience Designer currently based in 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom


I’m currently on sabbatical to recharge and figure out what’s next. Looking to tinker and learn software engineering. Planning to start a startup in 2022/23. 💬 DMs open on Twitter if you’d like to chat/collab.

Andric is extremely methodical and passionate and likes to ask the right questions to discover the best solutions. His eye for design is sharpened by a deep understanding of how things are built, making him a natural advocate for users and developers. His ability to code an interactive prototype based on research insights he helped uncover makes him invaluable to any team. He is a natural design systems thinker who is always on top of the latest best practices, tools, and techniques.

— Andy Pratt, Creative Lead at Google

My Work

Product Case Studies

Working with technology, what excites me the most is the superpower to unlock the abilities of technology for humans who can’t code, in a language they can understand.

I like to treat every user experience as a relationship between a person and a computer that needs to be nurtured. 

💎 Skills

🔍 Customer Research

The big “R” word sounds scary. 

But it’s all about taking a reality check before it’s too late (and far too expensive). I believe continuous research is key to designing products that actually gets the job done.

🖌️ Graphic Design

I freelanced as a graphic designer to put myself through school, and I believe it’s a great way to structure communications that come across with clarity.

✏️ Writing

Some might say writing is not design; it’s “just content”.

I trained as a journalist in school, and I care a hell lot about how my words come across.

📐 Product Design

Design’s like making delicious cherry pies.

You don’t put the cherry on top first. The experience (what users can do with your system) comes first, then the cherry on top, pretty icons and such.

💻 Code

In a perfect world, computers can read our minds. But until then, code is the language of our medium.

I write HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I know some basic Git, React.js and Python.

🤝 Work with me

Seeking my next adventure ⏸ On a break

I’m passionate and curious about diverse topics, some of which I hope to explore professionally:

  • Collaboration tools for distributed teams
  • Collective decision-making at scale
  • The future of computer programming (beyond one-dimensional text files)
  • Trust-minimized distributed governance
  • Systems thinking as applied to problems at the intersection of social, economic, political, technological, environmental, and biological systems

DM me if you’d like to chat about any of the above topics.