Andric Tham
Andric Tham

Andric Tham

Creative soul with a digital bent

📱 Spent 6 years working in tech, in these areas: mobile UX, B2C product management, B2C FinTech, and crypto on-/off-ramps

🌎 Fortunate to have worked with folks across 3 regions: Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, and North America

✨ Before tech, I hung around creative and media folks: film, fine art, music, advertising

🪄 Currently taking a career break and tinkering on creative projects (graphics, music, code).

What I’m working on

I’m learning to make music, specifically lofi and other electronic beats. Also tinkering with Stable Diffusion.

Current project I’m focusing on is centered around generative art & music (more details soon!)

What I did previously

  • Product Management at several consumer FinTechs including Revolut
  • UX Research & Design for various clients including PayPal
  • Graphic & Web Design for various clients including Nokia

Andric is extremely methodical and passionate and likes to ask the right questions to discover the best solutions.

His eye for design is sharpened by a deep understanding of how things are built, making him a natural advocate for users and developers.

His ability to code an interactive prototype based on research insights he helped uncover makes him invaluable to any team. He is a natural design systems thinker who is always on top of the latest best practices, tools, and techniques.

— Andy Pratt, Creative Lead at Google

About Me Who am I?

I’ve worn many hats professionally: graphic designer, video editor, web designer, UX designer, and most recently, product manager.

I tend towards the human side of things: I care deeply about the economics, ergonomics, and utility of the software systems we use everyday.

What do I care about?

🧠 Tools for 21st century thought

In the wake of social media, there’s a dearth of software that helps us synthesize an increasingly large, rapid, and hostile information landscape.

Curation, bookmarking, and notetaking tools made for a pre-social web can barely keep up.

The tools we have to synthesize our present-day media landscape amount to clunky paper simulators (whiteboards, documents, spreadsheets) that don’t work well together.


Apropos to this, modern knowledge workers are susceptible to information fatigue; caused by an endless deluge of meetings, messages, and documents.

Surely, the answer isn’t to simply “give up and use Apple Notes”.

🚀 Techno-optimistic science fiction

Most of us consume a media diet largely made up of pessimistic proclamations of the future, or grim realities of the present.

In contrast, inspiring and thoughtful science fiction, like Asimov’s Robot stories and Neal Stephenson’s novels, have shaped the collective consciousness of what we imagine to be “the future”.

These stories influence what scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs think is important to work on. Robots, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse were once the province of science fiction.

As entrepreneurs build out yesterday’s visions of the future, who’s writing today’s visions of the future?

💰 Democratizing financial literacy

Crypto, NFTs, and mobile stock trading have made it easier for regular people to invest their money in things that they care about. I’ve worked on products that accelerated this trend.

But there is a gulf between a greater access to investing on one hand; and financial education or advice on the other hand, that’s still stuck in the past.

My Past Work

Andric’s Portfolio

Working with technology, what excites me the most is the superpower to unlock the abilities of technology for humans who can’t code, in a language they can understand.

I like to treat every user experience as a relationship between a person and a computer that needs to be nurtured. 

💎 Skills

🔍 Customer Research

The big “R” word sounds scary. 

But it’s all about taking a reality check before it’s too late (and far too expensive). I believe continuous research is key to designing products that actually gets the job done.

🖌️ Graphic Design

I freelanced as a graphic designer to put myself through school, and I believe it’s a great way to structure communications that come across with clarity.

✏️ Writing

Some might say writing is not design; it’s “just content”.

I trained as a journalist in school, and I care a hell lot about how my words come across.

📐 Product Design

Design’s like making delicious cherry pies.

You don’t put the cherry on top first. The experience (what users can do with your system) comes first, then the cherry on top, pretty icons and such.

💻 Code – sort of!

In a perfect world, computers can read our minds. But until then, code is the language of our medium.

I write HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I know some basic Git, React.js, SQL, and Python.

🤝 Say hi!

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