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Helping everyday investors diversify into crypto
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From Oct 2019 to May 2021, I was Senior Product Manager of the Revolut Cryptocurrency product.

Helping users get more from their money

Revolut lets you go from cash to crypto, and back again, without waiting for bank top-ups to settle. With Revolut, all of your spending money, crypto, stonks, and savings is in one integrated app.


What I helped launch

πŸ”” Crypto volatility alerts

The prices of cryptocurrency can be volatile. 🎒 We introduced this new feature to alert users whenever one of their active assets is experiencing a volatile trading day.

To prevent spamming users with too much noise, we only notify users a maximum of once per day, alerting them of the most volatile asset.


πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Crypto trading for US users

Revolut’s been a big hit in the United Kingdom and Europe. In early 2020, Revolut arrived in the US. Unlike our product in Europe, the product had to be structured differently due to regulations.

To give our American users a headstart with the future of finance, we worked tirelessly to launch crypto trading in our app by partnering with Paxos.

πŸ†• New tradable tokens

Cryptocurrency investors love trading new tokens to diversify their portfolio, each asset expressing a different vision of the future of finance. We launched new tokens in our app throughout 2020 and 2021.

πŸ” Recurring Buys

With the price of crypto fluctuating daily β€” sometimes big moves happen by the minute! β€” everyday investors are understandably anxious about dipping their toes in, lest they lose a huge portion of their savings investing at the market peak.

To help them manage risk, we introduced a way for users to dollar cost average into cryptocurrency, by setting up an automated order to buy a small amount regularly.

πŸ“€ Bitcoin Withdrawals

Since the introduction of crypto on Revolut in 2017, users have been clamoring to be able to send their cryptocurrency holdings to other wallets they own, not just trade within our product.